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The <documents> element provides RichDoc documents that are used within the user interface. At the current time only one Richdoc is used on the Home tab.

RichDoc documents are not HTML, but have some distant similarities. Rather than being a text-parsed language, it is focused on being programmatic so that it may be efficiently updated in real-time without reparsing. It is also very focused, and contains only the basic functionality required to meet its intended purpose (thus eliminating the unnecessary bulk of a full HTML browser).

The RichDoc namespace has not been fully documented yet, but here is a rough guide:

Element Description
<document> The root document element. Several attribute are available, such as crBackground, crText, etc.
<text> Creates a text element
<link> Creates a hyperlink element, with a target attribute.
<heading> Creates a heading element, in the document's heading style.
<bitmap> Creates a bitmap element
<icon> Creates an icon element
<newline> Creates a newline element, with specified margin and vertical spacing
<gap> Creates a gap element
<group> Groups several elements together

All document elements have some attributes in common:

  • id - ID name for the element, used for programmatic access
  • group - Group number, used for programmatic document visibility alterations
  • format - text formatting, a string including one or more tokens from "bold", "italic", "underline"
  • align - alignment specification, such as "middle"

Feel free to experiment with the <documents> element now, but be aware that significant changes to the syntax are planned in the future.

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