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The <watermarks> element adds watermark images to different parts of the user interface. Watermark images are in .bmp format and are tiled over an area to fill it.

Here is an example from MyWatermarkSkin.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<skin xmlns="" version="1.0">
<manifest name="My Watermark Skin" author="Me" type="Skin"/>
      <watermark target="CCoolMenuBar" path="FunkyWatermark.bmp"/>
      <watermark target="CCoolMenu" path="MenuWatermark.bmp"/>

The following is a list of the targets that can have watermarks. The list is grouped by the area of the program where each watermark is found. Each example uses a distinct magenta colour to make it clear what the watermark covers. Each one also links to a larger screenshot.

CCoolMenu CCoolMenu CCoolMenu.Hover CCoolMenu.Hover CCoolMenuBar CCoolMenuBar
CCoolMenuBar.Down CCoolMenuBar.Down CCoolMenuBar.Hover CCoolMenuBar.Hover
Movable Bars
CMainWnd.Toolbar CMainWnd.Toolbar CMonitorBar CMonitorBar CWndTabBar CWndTabBar
Home Window
CHomePanel CHomePanel CHomePanel.Footer CHomePanel.Footer CHomeDownloadsBox.Caption CHomeDownloadsBox.Caption
CHomeLibraryBox.Caption CHomeLibraryBox.Caption CHomeConnectionBox.Caption CHomeConnectionBox.Caption CHomeUploadsBox.Caption CHomeUploadsBox.Caption
CHomeTorrentsBox.Caption CHomeTorrentsBox.Caption CHomeViewCtrl.Header1 CHomeViewCtrl.Header1 CHomeViewCtrl.Header2 CHomeViewCtrl.Header2
Library Window
CLibraryCollectionView.Virtual.Toolbar CLibraryCollectionView.Virtual.Toolbar CLibraryFileView.Physical.Toolbar CLibraryFileView.Physical.Toolbar CLibraryFileView.Virtual.Toolbar CLibraryFileView.Virtual.Toolbar
CLibraryHeaderBar.Physical.Toolbar CLibraryHeaderBar.Physical.Toolbar CLibraryHeaderBar.Virtual.Toolbar CLibraryHeaderBar.Virtual.Toolbar CLibraryTileView.Physical.Toolbar CLibraryTileView.Physical.Toolbar
CLibraryTileView.Virtual.Toolbar CLibraryTileView.Virtual.Toolbar CLibraryTree.Top.Toolbar CLibraryTree.Top.Toolbar CLibraryTree.Virtual.Toolbar CLibraryTree.Virtual.Toolbar
CLibraryHeaderPanel CLibraryHeaderPanel
Media Window
CMediaFrame.Toolbar CMediaFrame.Toolbar CMediaList.Toolbar CMediaList.Toolbar
Transfers Window
CDownloadTabBar CDownloadTabBar CDownloadsWnd.Toolbar CDownloadsWnd.Toolbar CUploadsWnd.Toolbar CUploadsWnd.Toolbar
Neighbours Window
CNeighboursWnd.Toolbar CNeighboursWnd.Toolbar
Host Cache Window
CHostCacheWnd.Toolbar CHostCacheWnd.Toolbar
Hit Monitor Window
CHitMonitorWnd.Toolbar CHitMonitorWnd.Toolbar
Browse Host Window
CBrowseHeaderCtrl.Toolbar CBrowseHeaderCtrl.Toolbar CBrowseHostWnd.Toolbar CBrowseHostWnd.Toolbar CBrowseTree.Top.Toolbar CBrowseTree.Top.Toolbar
Chat Window
CPrivateChatFrame.Toolbar CPrivateChatFrame.Toolbar

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