Shareaza Support
If you're new to Shareaza and don't have prior experience with peer-to-peer software, then getting it to run smoothly can be a little overwhelming. We have compiled a resource of information to help you run Shareaza at its best.

General Information

The Official Shareaza Wiki
The Shareaza Wiki is an interactive knowledge base where users can find help for shareaza and get in-depth solutions and explanations of features for the Shareaza P2P Client. If you need to know something about Shareaza, this is the place to visit. Visit the Shareaza Wiki.

The Shareaza Forum
If you need more in-depth help and advice from other Shareaza users, head over to the Shareaza Forum and join the discussion of Shareaza. Registration is free and simple. Visit the Forums.

Personal Shareaza Support


If you are having trouble connecting press F9 in Shareaza. Highlight all the entries, right click and choose Remove. A new list will be generated and you should be connected after a few minutes. If that doesn't work then please read the wiki troubleshooting connection page.

Shareaza Support Chatroom
If you need to talk to someone about Shareaza, join the Shareaza Support Chatroom. You can access it through the Java applet or your own IRC client.

Join Now: IRC Client

Join Now: Java Client | Nick: 
Shareaza Chatroom Details
Port: 6667
Channel: #shareaza

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Many people contribute their time and effort to Shareaza. Please see our acknowledgements page.
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