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This page has been updated on 2009-12-13 for the release of Shareaza v2.5.1.0.

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The information on this page should apply to all Shareaza versions provided there are no major changes.


Basic Mode

Basic Mode (also called Simplified or Normal Mode) is one of the three display modes of Shareaza. It resembles most file-sharing applications and doesn't provide advanced settings and customizations and is easy to use, because of a lag of complexity. It is the most user-friendly mode and used by most new users.

The other existing modes are called Power Modes, as they provide much more features, settings and customizations for advanced users. The Power Modes are:

  • Tabbed Mode - Tabbed mode uses tabs to organize Shareazas look and feel.
  • Windowed Mode - Windowed mode uses windows to organize Shareaza and give a better overview over what's happening.
 Please note that the 2 Power Modes also contain access to Advanced Settings which, if used incorrectly, 
 can possibly harm your network connectivity or can have other negative results on your computer.