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This page has been updated on 2014-08-01 for the release of Shareaza v2.7.6.0.


Configuring Firefox to use Shareaza as a Download Manager

First of all you will need to download a Firefox extension called FlashGot. Then you will need to create a batch file using a text editor like Notepad with the following contents:

start magnet:?xs=%1

You can save it wherever you like with whatever name you would like as long as it ends in .bat. One good place to save it is into your Shareaza Program Files directory (by default C:\Program Files\Shareaza\) and name it shareaza_fg.bat.

Then in Firefox go to Tools -> FlashGot -> More Options. Choose Add and call it Shareaza. Now a file selection dialog pops up. At the bottom change Files of type to be All Files then navigate to where you saved the batch file and choose it.

Now you should be ready to use Shareaza as a download manager.

External Links

  • Read more about FlashGot to figure out which options work best for you.