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This page has been updated on 2009-12-19 for the release of Shareaza v2.5.1.0.



Firewall/Router Configuration

When you have a firewall or router, it blocks traffic to prevent unauthorized access to or from the internet. Some programs - Shareaza included - need to communicate with the internet and the firewall or router may block all or some of these communications unless it is configured correctly.

For more information on configuring your firewall/router, see the FAQ.FirewallsRouters page.

Test Shareaza's connectivity through your Firewall or Router

The online tests below try to connect to your Shareaza, and so determine if there is a firewall present. If the test succeeds, then you either don't have a firewall, router and NAT, or you have the device(s) properly configured. If the test fails, then the firewall, router or NAT isn't yet set up properly, or your ISP is somehow blocking the incoming connection attempt.

If you know you have a firewall, router or NAT and didn't configure them yet, then skip this and configure those devices first. Do the test after you think you've set it up properly. Again, read the FAQ.FirewallsRouters page.

The Shareaza Connection Test

Try this test first! This is the preferred connection test for Shareaza and it works better than other available tests, since it checks for both, TCP and UDP connections. You also need to have Shareaza running and at least trying to connect to G2 when taking the test. Here's the link to the Shareaza Connection Test:

If you pass ANY of these tests then your router is configured properly. If you fail these tests, you probably have not set up your firewall and/or port forwarded your router properly, respectively you are behind an unconfigurable firewall, or your ISP is blocking connections on your Shareaza port (you could try changing the port in the Shareaza Settings under Connection).

Note: The "Shareaza Connection Test" mentioned above is open source and has been released on the Shareaza Forums. If you wish to host a copy of it, you can ask on the forums. Thank you!

Configuring the Firewall or Router

Help me to configure it - The Firewalls and Routers section of the FAQ can show you how to configure your hardware. If it is not listed there, try asking on the forums

I can't configure my firewall/router - In Shareaza, go to Tools > Shareaza Settings > Internet > Connection and chose "No" in the drop-down box behind "I can accept incoming connections". Often if you are using the internet at college or an office, it will be case that you are behind a firewall that you cannot configure. It might be useful to ask if there are any open ports, or even scan for them (be aware that some institutions have strict policies on internet use). If you find an open port, configure Shareaza to use it by going to Tools > Shareaza Settings > Internet > Connection and entering the port in the port box.

Other Solutions

Still getting LowID, nothing worked? Try these three things as a last resort:

  1. Change the port Shareaza connects with. Refer to Firewalls and Routers page.
  2. This requiers tweaking the Advanced Settings. Go to Tools > Shareaza Settings > Advanced and change the value of eDonkey.FastConnect to 0 (False).
  3. As last step, in the Advanced Settings try changing eDonkey.ForceHighID to 1 (True).

Note for editors: It is necessary to maintain two pages (this one and Firewalls and Routers)