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Download settings

File:Settings downloads.png

Save Complete Files Here This is the location where downloaded files are stored after they have been completed.

Store Incomplete Files Here This is the location where downloaded files are stored before they have been completed.

Make sure that these two paths are NOT the same and that these folders exist.

Maximum Files This is the number of files which will be downloaded simultaneously.

Maximum Transfers This limits the overall number of download transfers. If you're downloading from multiple sources, one file can have more than one transfer. This is especially important for windows 9x users, because these OSes cannot handle more than 100 simultaneous connections. (remember: There are a few connections needed for network connectivity)

Transfers per File This limits the number of transfers for each file you download. That means Shareaza will not download from more than x sources at the same time.


Bandwidth This limits your download bandwidth. Enter the desired speed here with the correct unit. Capital B means Byte, lowercase b means bit. So KB/s means Kilobytes per second and Kb/s means Kilobits per second.

Maximum Queue Length This will drop all sources that have a queue length of X or greater. If it is set to 0 it is disabled.

Only download and upload to networks which are connected Shareaza will only Upload and Download from Networks which are enabled. You can enable Networks through the Network -> Choose Networks menu or in the Network settings. There are also quick switches on the Network Tab in Power mode to enable or disable networks. Note that if you disconnect from a network existing upload connections using that protocol will still continue until completion.