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Upload Settings

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Share partial downloads If this is checked (default) then the parts of files that you have downloaded will be shared with others before the whole file has finished downloading. It is highly recommended to leave this checked because it speeds up file distribution. Keep in mind that it is required by the eDonkey2000 network and BitTorrent protocol that you share partials. So if you are using eD2k or BitTorrent in Shareaza then you will be sharing partials, regardless of this setting.

Limit sharing in hub mode While in hub mode your file sharing is limited so that most of your bandwidth can be used to sustain the G2 network rather than share files. How much bandwidth is used to upload while in Hub mode is configurable with Options.Advanced.Bandwidth.HubUploads.

Share preview files Allows other Shareaza users to download small preview images of your files, which may help them decide whether to download entire files.

Strip tag metadata If this is turned on, Shareaza only shares the mp3 audio data without the tags. So you can change the ID3 tags and others will still be able to swarm the file from you and from others who have the same, but differently tagged, file. Your files are not modified by this option. This is done by creating virtual files from your real mp3 files. If you change this setting, you will have to rehash your files for the change to take effect. This feature is now turned on by default. However you might want to disable it if you are mostly sharing files on the eDonkey network, because other eDonkey clients do not support this feature. For future versions of Shareaza, this setting will be removed from the Upload section of the settings, and placed in the library section of the advanced settings ( Library.VirtualFiles).

Limit per unique host How many connections a single individual may have with you to download a file. If your files are popular, a lower number ensures greater fairness. If you're infrequently visited however, a low number means that a person downloading from you may not get as much as they could.

User-Agent Filter

Shareaza disallows connections to the user-agents listed here. The default setting "Mozilla" denies download requests from most web browsers. Almost every browser has Mozilla in its version string. This is not because we don't like Mozilla. Browsers are blocked because if you're downloading using a browser you're obviously not sharing anything. This is a relic from the beginnings of gnutella, when sites would crawl the network and offer links to files on the network that one could download with their browser. This doesn't happen any more, because most gnutella clients have the user agent filter now.


Bandwith limit The maximum amount of bandwith you are willing to allocate to uploading your files. If set to MAX then you will not be able to use the throttle on the Bandwidth Monitor.

Bandwidth Mode Shareaza has two different methods to enforce bandwidth limits. In Average mode it will enforce the limit less strictly and might go above your chosen limit a bit. In Maximum mode, the limit is observed very strictly, but as a result it will usually stay a bit below your set limit.



Create and edit different categories for the people you are uploading files to. {Click to proceed to a page on setting up queues}. You can rearrange these categories such that queues are filled in that order; from top to bottom. Within these categories you can define what percent of your bandwith limit they are allowed to use, how long the line can be, the minimum and maximum amount of transfers within it, and how long until you rotate the group's order to start uploading to a new user. To reset all the queues to their default settings, you can simply delete all the queues and click ok. Notice that there are some inaccessible queues like 'Bittorent' which only appear if you are uploading to them.