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Queue Settings

Every time someone tries to download a file from Shareaza that person gets put into a queue based on some criteria and waits their turn to download. The queues in Shareaza are extremely configurable, flexible, and a bit complicated. The criteria of queues are evaluated from the top down so if the file being downloaded matches criteria in multiple queues then the first one it comes across will be used.

Note: The eDonkey Core queue is required because sharing on eDonkey is mandatory for their network. If the eDonkey Core queue gets deleted then a queue called eDonkey Guard will automatically be created to replace it.

File:Upload queues.png

The picture above shows some the queues that are set up for this person. It shows the basic information about the queues so that they don't have to be editted to remember how each of them are configured.

New... New queues can be created by clicking New.... This brings up the Upload Queue Properties dialog box.

Edit... Select an existing queue and then choose Edit.... This also brings up the Upload Queue Properties dialog box.

Delete Select an existing queue and then choose Delete if you no longer wish to have it.

Upload Queue Properties

File:Settings uploads queue.png

Name The name of the queue. This should describe the queue so that it can be identified easily when you come back later and want to edit it.

Entry Criteria

Partially Downloaded Files Only If the file that is requested is one that you're still downloading and this is turned on then it will match.

Minimum source file size Files will only match if they're at least this size.

Maximum source file size Files will only match if they're smaller than this size.

Marked files Files can be marked in the library as belonging to certain special groups. Two defaults included in to Shareaza are the Popular group and the Release group. If a file is marked with the same group in your library then this will match. See Manual.FilePropertiesDialog in the section about Sharing for instructions on how to mark a file in the Library.

Filename match If the requested file matches what is put in to this box then this queue will be used.

Protocols Queues can also be made so that they're only used on certain networks. If it's an eDonkey download then ED2K has to be turned on for it to match. If it's a Gnutella or Gnutella2 download then HTTP has to be turned on for it to match.


Enable this queue A queue can be disabled without deleting it by unchecking this box.

Minimum number of transfers This is the minimum number of uploads to reach for the queue to be displayed in the uploads panel.

Maximum numbers of transfers Defines the maximum number of simultaneous uploads in that queue.

Maximum number waiting in queue This is the number of people who can be waiting in this queue to download. It does not include the people who are currently downloading who are classified under this queue.

Service Parameters

Saturated bandwidth percentage Shows the relative amount of the bandwidth allocated to this queue in the form of a percentage.

Upload bandwidth for this queue Shows the actual amount of bandwidth allocated to this queue. It will only work in a maximum total upload bandwidth has been configured. See Options.Uploads Bandwith limit for how to configure it.

Slider Used the slider to adjust the percentage of the bandwidth used for this queue. Watch the two numbers above to see what affect the change is having.

Reward uploaders People who upload to you may be awarded more bandwidth in the queue.

Rotate after N seconds When this is turned on a file will only be uploaded to the person for this amount of time and then they will be sent to the back of the queue to allow someone else to have a turn. For popular files this can help to spread them very quickly because of partial file sharing.