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Shareaza change log


  • Torrent association tweaked.
  • Learning new ed2k servers from client defaults to 'off'.
  • Transfer set to null state on close.
  • String clean-up.
  • Shared subfolder fix.
  • Don't time out downloading clients.
  • Close download warning logged.
  • Log rotation saves old log.
  • Possible crash fix.
  • Shareaza Ultrapeers reject obsolete Shareaza leaves.
  • Library file move fix.
  • Prevent crash from bad parameters.
  • Redraw home tab when interface changed.
  • More BT clients added to recognition.
  • Combo box behaviour standardised.
  • Extra step added to wizard.
  • Torrent interface settings bug fixed.
  • Add source bug fixed. Chat bug fixed.
  • Blocked spam message with 'ZamBoR 2'.
  • Default nick taken from Windows.
  • Slight performance tweak in GetTransferCount().
  • Option added to force WinINet into a connected state.
  • ED2K client fixes.
  • ED2K ratio and bandwidth allocation improvements.
  • Extra http upload checking added.
  • Client ID/handling improved, bad host data ignored.
  • Settings updated on 'apply', Limits fixed to prevent connection failure.
  • Neighbour checks improved, header fix.
  • Extra settings added.
  • ED2K ratio improvement.
  • Client detection updates.
  • System log messages corrected.
  • ED2K throttle improved.
  • HTTP reply fix.
  • Settings update, ed2k throttle improved.
  • Adult filter updated.
  • Network ID stuff moved to a #define.
  • Limiter performance tweak for ed2k.
  • Queue setting fix.
  • Right click/drag fixed.
  • Client ID fix.
  • Ghost file library size bug fixed.
  • Header fix in Chat.


  • More strict numeric metadata values validation.
  • Update thread is shut down when no thumbnail for the selected file.
  • Shift key fixed for file execution.
  • Fixed playing of enqueued files.
  • Screensaver is disabled when MP is inactive.
  • Double-click of single file beeing played fixed.
  • Error message included, cleanup when opening png files.
  • Image opening with media player fixed.
  • Single file playback fixed in non-repeat mode.
  • Search tooltip width miscalculation fixed.
  • Japanese fullwidth latin characters converted to ASCII.
  • Lowercasing of file names fixed.
  • Code cleanup and member variable initialization fixed in CtrlMediaFrame.cpp.
  • Media player code rewritten ( more stable, skips corrupted files ).
  • TigerTree fix.
  • Uncommented stop button code.
  • More cleanup.
  • Playlist crash fix.
  • Download groups file list update glitch fix.
  • Files in use are deleted and renamed under WinNT systems.
  • Mpeg header reading crash fix, ogg utf-8 reading fix.
  • More advanced audio, video, office documents schemas.


  • More BT client IDs added.
  • Extracted nick from BTuga Revolution, eXeem, G3 Torrent.
  • Settings updated.
  • Moved Downloads.SearchPeriod from installer to Settings.cpp.
  • Typo in MaximumTTL fixed.
  • Ignore XP SP2 fixes.


  • Shortcut changes.


  • Fixed CSettings::ParseVolume(), now it works also when there isn't a space.

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