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Shareaza change log

This lists the major changes between Shareaza v2.5.4.0 r8911 ("Version SSE2") on February 14, 2011 and v2.5.5.0 r9045 ("SSE2 version.") on May 29, 2011. There have been a total of 134 revisions during that time.

Note that non-informative log messages, such as "Addition to rXXXX.", "Clean-up." and similar messages have been taken out of the list and sometimes several changes on the same subject have been combined into one statement.

Network support

  • (Fix) - Fixed BitTorrent-magnet download start.
  • (Update) - Optimized UPnP code (removed from connection wizard, fixed "zero port" bug).
  • (U) - More robust control of UPnP devices.
  • (F) - Fixed "16.0 EB" source downloads when size is unknown yet.
  • (New) - Enabled adding torrent-file as source to any download. Fixed freezed name of BitTorrent-magnet download.
  • (F) - Fixed G2 KHL packet crash.
  • (U) - Refactored chat code (removed/renamed chat window classes, fixed connection bugs, updated translations and skins).
  • (F) - Fixed broken Gnutella 1 chat.
  • (N) - Added CAPTCHA support for ED2K chat.
  • (F) - Fixed Gnutella 1 query hit packets: now LimeWire compatible, all available hashes transmitted, large file supported (64-bit size), added alternate sources.
  • (F) - Fixed host browsing fail due disabled protocol.
  • (F) - Fixed upload without specified "Range:" header (for G1).
  • (U) - Improved query hit and query search anti-spam protection.
  • (F) - Fixed false positive XML errors of some G1 queries.
  • (U) - Optimized schema types handling.
  • (F) - Added protection against "future" hosts.
  • (N) - Added experimental support for Gnutella 1 multicast searches (to use it set Shareaza port to 6347), creation time, meta, LimeWire-compatible hash and "Whats New" searches. Removed "Gnutella1.StrictPackets", added "Gnutella1.MCastPingRate" and "Gnutella1.QueryGlobalThrottle" options.
  • (U) - Improved compatibility of Gnutella 1 uploads.
  • (U) - Optimized query hit metadata handling, G1 packet HUGE and XML parts parsing and removed unused code from QHT. Not sure but probably we used wrong G1 query MinSpeed-flag byte-ordering (so we had no XML in results from LimeWire-compatible clients)...
  • (U) - Improved own IP detection after change for example after connection loss.
  • (U) - Added '$' symbol to be also encoded in URLs.
  • (N) - Added new option "Connection.ZLibCompressionLevel" to tune compression level (default: 6; 0 - no compression; 9 - maximum and slowest) used in connections. Added checks for decompression errors.
  • (U) - Tuned download starvation option (to starve a bit earlier).
  • (F) - Fix against acquiring as own address.
  • (F) - Fixed priority host expiration.
  • (U) - Updated web-caches list.
  • (F) - Fixed slow initial connection to networks.

DC++ support

  • (F) - Fixed DC++ file list XML format.
  • (F) - Fixed DC++ magnet-link parsing.
  • (N) - Implemented TigerTree hash support for DC++.
  • (F) - Fixed DC++ downloading of small files (< 64KB).
  • (N) - Added support for any level of TigerTree for DC++ clients.
  • (U) - Removed "dcfile:" but fully implemented "dchub:" URL instead.
  • (F) - Fixed user/leaf counter of DC++ neighbors.
  • (U) - Massive update for DC++.
  • (N) - Added DC++ $RevConnectToMe command.
  • (U) - Changed detection of firewalled state for DC++.
  • (U) - Reduced connection speed for DC++ hubs.
  • (F) - Fixed passive $SR answers.
  • (F) - Fix for unexpected big DC++ TigerTree.
  • (N) - Added experimental $Get/$Send commands.
  • (F) - Fixed download queues.
  • (F) - Fixed DC++ TTH uploads.
  • (F) - Fixed DC++ incoming connection handshake.
  • (N) - Added error message about dropped DC++ client connection.
  • (N) - Added DC++ passive searches
  • (F) - Fixed DC++ hub selection for connecting client.

Crash fixes

  • (F) - Fixed strange crash in Control Point UPnP code.
  • (F) - Some workaround for Schema cache unknown crash.
  • (U) - Added protection against crashes during metadata extraction.

Internal and functional changes

  • (U) - Album Wizard code refactoring (added BitTorrent metadata template variable).
  • (U) - submitting ailurophobe's miss cache code and OldDeaths IP filter optimization code for further testing and review
  • (U) - small patch by siavoshkc to improve bandwidth monitor performance
  • (F) - Fixes for broken functionality of Security window, fixed some bugs and more optimizations for r8920.
  • (F) - Fixed Security rules memory leak.
  • (F) - Security fix - removed user avatar file path from G2 profile packet.
  • (F) - Fixed extra security check #140
  • (N) - Added Library load process benchmarking in Debug builds.
  • (U) - Removed UPnP message loop if no need.
  • (N) - Added new interface to notify all windows, plugins (using ILibraryPlugin) and version checker about new file in library.
  • (U) - Renamed CShareazaFile::IsHashed() to HasHash() to differ from CLibraryFile::IsHashed().
  • (F) - Fixed recent file verification when history limit set too low.
  • (F) - Fixed CR-LF in chat window.
  • (F) - Another fix for CRLf in chat windows
  • (F) - Fixed unknown datagram dump.
  • (N) - Implemented multi-file merging with download, file merge offset for torrent download now calculated by file size also.
  • (F) - Fixed Shareaza media player "next file" bug.
  • (F) - Enabled link handling when Shareaza was launched in higher security level than Explorer.
  • (U) - CTransfer/CDownloadTransfer/CUploadTransfer classes code refactoring.
  • (F) - Fixed sometimes acquired own IP address due too early UPnP operation.
  • (F) - Fixed DC++ chat memory leak (when hub connection dropped during user list fetching).
  • (F) - Fixed unhandled file errors of Hash Database.
  • (F) - Isolated WSACleanup crash.
  • (U) - HashLib version bumped.
  • (U) - Updated GFL 2.90 to 3.40.
  • (U) - Updated 7ZipBuilder plugin's Z-Zip library to 9.22. Added 64-bit version.
  • (U) - Updated RARBuilder plugin's UnRAR library to

Graphical / GUI changes

  • (N) - Implemented BitTorrent-magnet link creation in download "Copy URI" dialog.
  • (N) - Added DC++ upload queue interface elements, added "DC++ Guard" queue.
  • (F) - Fixed toolbar updates.
  • (U) - Compressed Flags.png and Splash.png
  • (U) - Updated emoticons (eMule-compatible).
  • (U) - Updated chat window skinning.
  • (F) - Fixed forgotten tip string.
  • (N) - Added IP on status bar.
  • (F) - Fixed DC++ neighbors tip.
  • (F) - Fixed "infinite percent" of download completion when no download size known yet.
  • (F) - Fixed download queue label when queue size is unknown.
  • (N) - Added "Create .torrent File" item to Library folder tree menu.
  • (U) - Updated BitTorrent icon in Library folder tree menu.
  • (N) - Added user list (not fully functional yet) to chat window.
  • (U) - Optimize GUI performance.
  • (U) - Improved Library tree tips: added "Free:" (disk space) to Folders tips, "Total Files:" and "Total Volume:" to Organizer, fixed too long to fit localized texts.
  • (U) - DC++ chat window improvements.
  • (U) - Optimized project images.
  • (U) - Added more filters to packet window (DC++, BitTorrent and TCP/UDP).
  • (F) - Fixed painting and skinning of Discovery and Search Monitor windows.
  • (F) - Fixed stuck selection after deleted items in Discovery and Host Cache windows.
  • (F) - Fixed Neighbours window tips (in handshaking state ones).


  • (U) - Updated SkinTranslate utility.
  • (U) - Updated HashTest utility (added HashWord function tests).
  • (U) - Updated HashTest utility (more stable tests).
  • (U) - TorentWizard: Added new option "-comment". Added web-help button on every page. Improved auto-mode ("-sourcefile" option now can point to folder to create torrent package). Updated application icon.
  • (U) - Changed way how VS2010 project builds.
  • (U) - Changed way how VS2008 project builds.
  • (N) - Added scripts to pack symbols and source tree using 7-Zip.

Updated languages:

  • (U) - German/Deutsch - massive update to the program translation and to 2/3 of the schema files - OldDeath, sebastian1996
  • (U) - Russian - Ryo-oh-ki
  • (U) - Spanish - acerswap

Web interface

  • (U) - css optimizations
  • (U) - eliminating layout table, normalizing font sizes
  • (U) - restored some old formatting to about page (without tables this time)
  • (U) - now validates as xhtml 1.0 strict

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