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Shareaza change log

This lists the major changes between Shareaza v2.6.0.0 r9169 ("Bumped version") on June 3rd, 2012 and v2.7.0.0 r9295 ("Bumped version") on August 31, 2013. There have been a total of 126 revisions during that time.

Note that non-informative log messages, such as "Addition to rXXXX.", "Clean-up." and similar messages have been taken out of the list and sometimes several changes on the same subject have been combined into one statement.

Network support

  • (Fix) - Fixed download size range of download properties dialogue.
  • (Update) - Torrent codepage now defaults to UTF-8.
  • (U) - Set default chunk size to 256 KB (for compatibility).
  • (F) - Fixed garbage "hosts" from broken Web-caches.
  • (F) - Fixed adding sources to just downloaded file in library.
  • (New) - Implemented BTH adding to library file on torrent seeding.
  • (U) - Removed Discovery.EnableG1GWC option to help connecting when no Gnutella 1 UDP-cache can be found.
  • (F) - Fixed adding URLs with comma.
  • (F) - Fixed downloading from silent FTP-servers.
  • (F) - Fixed downloading with unknown file size (downloads stuck in verified state bug).
  • (N) - Added "Content-Disposition:" HTTP-header to uploads.
  • (F) - Fixed "X-Thex-URI" uploads header (real tiger tree height and ed2k hashset).
  • (F) - Fixed tracker parameter of BitTorrent magnet-link
  • (U) - Optimized BitTorrent tracker request code (no more freezes on download closing).
  • (U) - Limited download sources amount ("Downloads.SourcesWanted" option) to avoid freezes on very popular torrents with thousands of sources.
  • (F) - Fixed "disappearing" trackers.
  • (F) - Fixed "stuck at 99.9%" download.
  • (U) - Optimized source requests timings (ED2K, BT).
  • (U) - Optimized uploading file chunk size (now 1000 KB).
  • (N) - Added new option BitTorrent.PeerID. Use this peer ID (if set) for BitTorrent trackers in form of "CCvvvv" where "CC" - agent code ("SZ", "UT" etc,), v.v.v.v - version.

Media Player

  • (F) - Fixed media window volume control.
  • (F) - Fixed media window speed control.
  • (F) - Fixed playlist repeat and loop operations.
  • (N) - Added played file (blue) marker in the playlist.
  • (N) - Added speed label to media window status bar.
  • (N) - Added player plugin unloading on every file (for compatibility).
  • (N) - Added fullscreen on mouse middle button.

Internal and functional changes

  • (F) - Fixed "Download Now" menu item (ticket #198)
  • (U) - Re-factored new download creation code.
  • (F) - Fixed crash in media player visualizations.
  • (U) - Limited number of saved or loaded sources - 500 per download
  • (N) - Added removing of duplicate ghost files on library load
  • (U) - Separated tracker and file errors (in download tooltip).
  • (F) - Fixed RegExp filter (crash in host browser window, inverted state in search window, interface issues, duplicate code).
  • (U) - Re-factored and optimized thread code (affects among other things download tasks, tracker requests and ed2k importing).
  • (F) - Fixed dropping sources during merging with local files process.
  • (F) - Fixed missing download preview file.
  • (U) - Re-factored packet handling (CBuffer class).
  • (N) - Added experimental support for Snarl notification (, added new option "Interface.Snarl".
  • (U) - Adjusted locks during Library periodic scans.
  • (U) - Disabled unneeded part of BZlib.
  • (F) - Fixed Windows XP incompatibility (issue #208).
  • (N) - Added new collection variable: $title$ - name of album folder.
  • (F) - Fixed "GeneralPurpleCollection" and "VideoCollection" collection templates.
  • (F) - Fixed deadlock on Shareaza exit when "merge with download" task was not completed. Refactored download task class.
  • (F) - Fixed stack overflow error when tooltip window was shown while Shareaza suffers overload.
  • (F) - Fixed another deadlock when merging tasks are active.

Graphical / GUI changes

  • (N) - Added "Rename" button inside Download properties dialog.
  • (N) - Added "Rebuild" item to Library file menu.
  • (N) - Now thumbnails can be refreshed by "Rebuild" or "Refresh metadata" operations.
  • (U) - Added clearing of recent searches to "Clear History Now" button in options.
  • (F) - Fixed wrongly interface language resetting to "English" due new user login.
  • (F) - Fixed connected time on Home tab being slow (ticket #184).
  • (F) - Fixed search window message (ticket #3; OldDeath)
  • (U) - Trying to make less annoying hash window (added WS_EX_NOACTIVATE style).
  • (F) - Fixed file selection in Library (was not properly selected if file folder was collapsed).
  • (F) - Fixed IRC chat notification icon.
  • (U) - Added thumbnails generation in collection wizard, added thumbnails to "basicCollection" template.

Plugin stuff

  • (N) - Added manifest for player plugin.
  • (F) - Fixed player plugin rare freeze if file has an unknown format.
  • (F) - Added workaround against "frozen" plugins.
  • (F) - Fixed plugin registration under non-administrative account ( ticket #98 ).
  • (F) - Fixed black thumbnails of unsupported video files.
  • (N) - Added Comic Book support i.e. cbr, cbz and cb7 file extensions but only as archives.
  • (F) - Fixed plugin code freeze when external plugin crashed.
  • (N) - Added JAR extension.
  • (N) - Added CB7 extension as archive type (handled by 7Zip).

Languages support

  • (F) - Fixed crash due incorrectly translated text in Português.

Library updates

  • (U) - Updated GeoIP database.
  • (U) - Updated Zlib 1.2.5 -> 1.2.8
  • (U) - Updated UnRar ->
  • (U) - Updated SQLite ->


  • (F) - Fixed TorrentWizard compilation in V$2008.


  • (U) - Updated Setup script for new Inno Setup version 5.5.2
  • (F) - Fixed UPnP checkbox (due unicode).
  • (F) - Re-enabled Windows Firewall checkbox.
  • (N) - Enabled compilation of the installer separate from VS.

and last but not least...

  • (F) - Fixed tons of (mostly very rare) crashes ;)

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