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Shareaza change log

This lists the major changes between Shareaza v2.7.0.0 r9295 ("Bumped version") on August 31, 2013 and v2.7.1.0 r9339 ("Tagged version") on November 27, 2013. There have been a total of 44 revisions during that time.

Note that non-informative log messages, such as "Addition to rXXXX.", "Clean-up." and similar messages have been taken out of the list and sometimes several changes on the same subject have been combined into one statement.

Network support

  • (Update) - Improved compatibility: hexadecimal SHA1 in torrents.
  • (U) - Using 411 port instead of 6346 for DC++.
  • (U) - Updated eD2k services.
  • (Fix) - Fixed downloading of large (64-bit length) files from eD2K.
  • (F) - Fixed ed2k uploads to allow for increased upload speeds.
  • (F) - Fixed connection burst for ED2K and DC++ servers.
  • (U) - Optimized ed2k packet sending routine.
  • (U) - BT DHT packets now sets UDP-is-stable flag.
  • (New) - Added 64-bit file (large file) query support for ed2k.
  • (U) - Fixed ed2k server status polls stop when no connected ed2k clients are present
  • (U) - Removed unneeded (when disabled in options) ed2k server list retrieval.
  • (U) - Optimized ED2K LowID check code (previously was active during login only).
  • (U) - Added integral delay for ed2k LowID reconnection.
  • (N) - ED2K server will now be removed from Host Cache due absent UDP answers (use priority flag to avoid it).
  • (U) - ED2K server packets now set UDP-is-stable flag.
  • (U) - Changed "eDonkey.StatsServerThrottle" option (how often UDP status requests sends) from days to minutes and default value set to 4 hours.
  • (U) - Fixed trash in "added.f" BT PEX.

Media Player

  • (U) - Disabled using media type as codec for video files in MediaLibraryBuilder plugin

Internal and functional changes

  • (U) - Updated dbghelp library.
  • (U) - Updated unrar library.
  • (F) - Fixed Library file upload counter.
  • (U) - Using torrent-file content instead of torrent-file itself when copying Library file URL.
  • (U) - Shareaza now gathers all available hashes when copying file URL.
  • (F) - Fixed potential deadlock
  • (F) - Fixed rare crash after Shareaza closing due bad synchronization.
  • (U) - Updated GeoIP database (06 Nov 2013).

Graphical / GUI changes

  • (F) - Fixed packet window filtration by ED2K, BT or DC protocols.
  • (F) - Fixed loading of image files with long and unicode names.
  • (N) - Implemented nice view of ed2k packets in Packets Window.
  • (U) - Adjusted ed2k server packet types in Packets Window.
  • (U) - Limited packet dump size.
  • (N) - Added menu item "Copy URI" to seeding torrents.


  • (U) - Changed CRT/MFC/ATL static to dynamic linking (more secure) for VS2010 project (release only) and added VS2010 redistributable files to setup.
  • (U) - Adjusted VS2010 projects options (linker warnings).

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