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Shareaza change log

This lists the major changes between Shareaza v2.7.1.0 (r9169 "Tagged version" on November 27, 2013) and v2.7.2.0 (r9364 "Tagged version" on March 2nd, 2014). There have been a total of 95 code revisions.

Note that non-informative log messages, such as "Addition to rXXXX.", "Clean-up." and similar messages have been taken out of the list and sometimes several changes on the same subject have been combined into one statement.

Network support

  • (Update) - Removed BitComet LT-Seeding "filehash" field from torrent-file since it's no more an SHA1 hash
  • (U) - Added some measures against G2 overloading.
  • (Fix) - Fixed Gnutella 2 "/Q2/I" packet payload parsing bug.

Crash fixes

  • (F) - r9359 Fix for crash inside CShakeNeighbour::OnHandshakeComplete

Internal and functional changes

  • (U) - Added protective delay for new files hashing.
  • (F) - Fixed minor synchronization errors in Library Tile View.
  • (U) - Removed duplicate file detection feature (contained possible deadlock)
  • (F) - Fixed possible hashing freezes due rapidly changing/rewriting file in the Library.
  • (F) - Fixed torrent memory leak (in download property dialog).
  • (New) - Added support for MS Office compatible anti-viruses.
  • (N) - It's now possible to emulate Gnutella 1 or 2 packet processing by pressing "Ctrl+H" on neighbor (in Network tab) and specifying packet as hexadecimal string i.e. "00 01 02 03 ...". Added new CHexDialog class.
  • (U) - Updated GeoIP database (05 Feb 2014).

Graphical / GUI changes

  • (U) - Adjusted interface elements of Existing File dialog.
  • (U) - Re-factored ComboBox width calculation code (to fit long text).


  • (F) - Fixed unsorted torrent-file dictionary keys.
  • (N) - Added "private" and "source" keys.
  • (U) - Bumped TorrentWizard version up to

Language support

  • (U) - Updated translation script.
  • (U) - Updated Nederlands translation (by HanV).


  • (U) - Updated Inno Setup language files up to 5.5.3.
  • (F) - Fixed minor 64-bit warnings.
  • (N) - Added daily build script (VS2010).
  • (N) - Added script to build Shareaza LAN (VS2010).
  • (N) - Added sample script for Daily Build uploads.

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