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Shareaza change log

Shareaza v2.7.3.0 and Shareaza v2.7.4.0 are bugfix releases for the previously released Shareaza v2.7.2.0. This is why both versions only list one respectively six relevant code revisions. Shareaza brings major improvements concerning stability and UPnP support compared to Shareaza v2.7.2.0, so upgrading is advised.

Internal and functional changes

  • (Fix) - Added protection against crashes inside ZLib library.
  • (F) - Fixed disconnected networks bug in scheduler task.
  • (F) - Fixed crash (ACCESS_VIOLATION at 001B:0063006C) introduced in r9361.

Network support

  • (New) - Added MiniUPnPc v.1.9 library (Copyright (c) 2005-2012 Thomas Bernard). Re-factored existing UPnP code. Now Shareaza tries to use UPnP in next order: tier 0 - MiniUPnPc, tier 1 - Windows modern (UPnPNat) and tier 2 - Windows legacy (UPnPFinder).
  • (N) - Added "Connection.UPnPTimeout" option (5 seconds by default).
  • (F) - Added deleting of old port mapping on settings change.

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