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Shareaza change log

This lists the major changes between Shareaza v2.7.4.0 (r9378 "Tagged version" on April 1, 2014) and v2.7.5.0 (r9453 "Tagged version" on July 13, 2014). There have been a total of 75 code revisions.

Note that non-informative log messages, such as "Addition to rXXXX.", "Clean-up." and similar messages have been taken out of the list and sometimes several changes on the same subject have been combined into one statement.

Network support

  • (Fix) - Fixed bug with random port selection (issue #215).
  • (Update) - Added forced re-connection on port number change in Settings dialog.
  • (U) - Added automatic port change on TCP/UDP-port conflicts.
  • (U) - Enabled UPnP for server version of Windows.
  • (F) - Changed Datz's web-cache URL
  • (F) - Fixed negative "Downloads.MaxFileTransfers" value (issue #135).
  • (U) - Added "Foxy" to default list of blocked user agents.
  • (U) - Changed default ZLib compression ration up to 9.
  • (F) - Fixed bad sources -
  • (U) - Updated Default services list (Jul 2014).
  • (F) - Fixed download renaming according to HTTP redirection.


  • (F) - Fixed torrent-file extra slash bug -
  • (New) - Implemented regular download mutation into torrent download when BTIH hash/source added to it and vice versa and added new option "BitTorrent.EnablePromote" ("true" by default).
  • (F) - Fixed memory overrun in BitTorrent tracker requests.

Internal and functional changes

  • (New) - Added support for .sd-files (Shareaza Download) opening (also by double click), note that .sd-file re-saved to Incomplete folder but corresponding .partial-files left in the original place. Also improved handling of existing .partial-files when Incomplete folder was moved.
  • (F) - Fixed a lot of warnings.
  • (F) - Fixed parsing of magnet link numbered parts.
  • (U) - Added "/" to escaped chars in URI (compatibility).
  • (U) - Added support for "id" attribute (help context) of "menu" tag of Shareaza skin (primarily for "ID_WEBSERVICES_LIST" menu).
  • (U) - Refactored file code.
  • (F) - Fixed multi-file magnet parsing (but not supported yet) -
  • (F) - Fixed many potential errors and warnings.
  • (U) - Implemented getting of file properties from Windows via IPropertyStore interface.
  • (F) - Fixed potential deadlock when pausing many download sources at once.
  • (F) - Fixed 10 minutes penalty on download pausing.
  • (U) - Thread code refactored: changed thread handle to thread id.
  • (U) - Optimized thread checks.
  • (F) - Added workaround for negative uptime in the web cache.


  • (N) - Added plugin support for Downloads window.
  • (U) - Removed the support, as the Bitzi service has been discontinued.
  • (U) - Extended Shareaza plugin COM-interfaces.
  • (U) - Updated VirusTotal Plugin for new plugin interfaces, added to Hit Monitor and Browse Host windows.
  • (U) - Updated SearchExport Plugin for new plugin interfaces, added to Hit Monitor and Browse Host windows.
  • (N) - Added URL Shortener Plugin for magnet links (currently using service only).
  • (N) - Added and URL shorteners.
  • (N) - Added FLV-file metadata extractor.
  • (U) - Optimized FLV metadata extraction.
  • (U) - Removed useless (and incorrect) internal metadata extraction for BMP, GIF, PNG and JPEG files. Fixed inverted "Library.ScanProperties" option.
  • (U) - Optimized GFL-based plugins.
  • (F) - Fixed internal PDF metadata extractor.
  • (N) - Added primitive DJVU-file metadata parser.
  • (U) - Updated plugin icons.

Graphical / GUI changes

  • (U) - Added flags to Profile dialog country combobox.
  • (U) - Increased height of "Download File or Torrent" dialog.
  • (U) - Enabled the usage of the "Shift" key to change "Copy URI" menu item to "Export URI" even when only one file selected.
  • (U) - Improved "Existing File" dialog (now incremental torrents must be downloaded without any questions).
  • (N) - Performance optimization: Added opened search/browse windows limits, new options "Interface.SearchWindowsLimit" and "Interface.BrowseWindowsLimit", 10 windows by default, also windows saving can be completely turned off by setting this options to "0".
  • (U) - Changed "Display simple progress bar" to more useful "Open a download monitor window" option in general settings dialog.
  • (F) - Fixed stuck progress bar of main window title when last download canceled.
  • (N) - Added Download Monitor opening on: external link, search window download, eMule import. Fixed context menu of Download Monitor. Changed "Hide" button of Download Monitor from monitor closing to hiding to tray instead.

Library updates

  • (U) - Updated GeoIP database (02 Apr 2014).
  • (U) - Updated SQLite version to
  • (U) - Updated UnRAR version to
  • (U) - Updated BitTorrent DHT library up to version 0.22.
  • (U) - Updated BugTrap library up to version 1.3.3718.38316.
  • (U) - Updated GeoIP database (02 Jul 2014).
  • (U) - Updated SQLite version to 3.8.5.


  • (N) - Added Shareaza Connection Test php-script (c) jlh, 2009.
  • (U) - Updated "Shareaza Connection Test" forum and wiki URLs.


  • (U) - Dropped Visual Studio 2008 support.
  • (N) - Added Visual Studio 2013 project, fixed incompatibilities.
  • (U) - Removed Windows 2000 code (Win2k support has already been dropped some time ago.)
  • (U) - Updated VS2013 projects.
  • (U) - Updated VS2010 project delay loaded DLLs.
  • (U) - Updated VS2013 64-bit projects.
  • (U) - Disabled plugin registration during VS2010 build.
  • (U) - Enabled "Edit And Continue" for VS2013 Debug Win32.
  • (U) - Updated setup script for VS2013.

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