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Compiled by Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015 Update 3.

Shareaza change log

Oct 06, 2015. It includes the following changes:

  • Added Windows 10 support.
  • Ghost files changes:
    • Added metadata restoring from ghost files.
    • Added automatic creating of sharable ghost files.
    • Added a limit of ghost files (new option "Library.GhostLimit", defaulted to 1000 files).
  • Added partial support of BEP 19.
  • Added a DC++ hub discovery services.
  • Updated French, Polish and Turkish translation.
  • Updated services list (25 Apr 2016).
  • 3rd party libraries updates:
    • Updated GeoIP database (07 Sep 2016).
    • Updated SQLite up to 3.14.2.
    • Updated UnRAR version to
    • Updated MiniUPnPc library to 1.9.20160209.
    • Updated BitTorrent DHT library to version 0.24.
  • Minor bug-fixes, performance and GUI optimizations.

Major SVN changes

Revision.png Added support for Windows 10

Revision.png Fixed missed in some cases metadata "(Multiple Values)" in the file properties dialog

Revision.png Added a DC++ hub list URL as a full fledged discovery services

Revision.png Added quick search for advanced settings

Revision.png Fixed BTIH status of download -

Revision.png Added partial support of BEP 19 : "WebSeed - HTTP/FTP Seeding (GetRight style)" -

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