Pasting links via Chat/IRC fails

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Pasting links via Chat/IRC fails

Postby dr-flay » 03 Aug 2013 03:39

This one is simple, so I can be short (you lucky people).

Using the in-built irc-chat, if you paste a magnet link it gets cut short, rendering it useless.
Magnet links via DC++ seem to work fine (I assume it uses the same irc framework).

Maybe it's a word-wrap issue ? or max line-length before splitting ?
In Trillian IRC it allows 3 options for compatibility, you may need to just change a switch/value (hopefully).

I have been trying to promote Shareaza as a convenient way of setting up your own group, for working on communal projects, but that test fell a bit flat :(
Shareaza tutorial aimed at gamers and game developers, or people needing a cheep mirror service.
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