can't download anything

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can't download anything

Postby magnetmanca » 06 Jul 2011 05:18

I can't download anything anymore these days.

No matter what I search. All I get is spam. No actual results. I have my filters turned on.

I keep getting these messages in the Network> System area that says received a malformatted hit query packet.

Thats all I get. It's annoying. I'm going to give up using Shareaza altogether if this keeps up.
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Re: can't download anything

Postby old_death » 06 Jul 2011 22:31

What filesharing networks do you have enabled? Do you have the latest anti spam filter in place?
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Re: can't download anything

Postby cyko_01 » 06 Jul 2011 22:46

I have to admit that even the latest antispam filter is not perfect(far from it), but if you sort your search results by the "Host/Count" column (with the most sources at the top) then that spam should fall to the bottom of the list unless you are searching for something really obscure.
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Re: can't download anything

Postby wrinkler » 07 Jul 2012 12:31

At least 90% of my messages are "Ignoring malformed query packet", in red or orange. (Which I get most of, seems to shift over time, I only just noticed the two colors a couple minutes ago; they were mostly red then, but mostly orange now, and I've done nothing.)

If these are not critical errors, why do I need to see them all, drowning out any real activity?

Just now noticed a bunch of messages saying something about a "packet which excess query limits". I think you meant "exceeds limits".

I'm currently stuck behind a firewall over which I have no control. I've set my port to 80 in hopes this cuts down on some of the problems. Any other thoughts or advice?
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Re: can't download anything

Postby wdc » 29 Aug 2017 11:47

If you are behind a remote firewall, try to setup a VPN to pass the traffic thru it. I am using it and in Shareaza / Settings / Internet / Connection, you will be able to play with settings to make it working.

By the way i am also seeing "packet which excess query limits" and "malformed" log entries, but I AM ABLE to connect and download/upload.
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Re: can't download anything

Postby raspopov » 18 Sep 2017 16:14

Really no need to answer 5 years old questions. :lol:
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