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Idea feedback

Postby WDS®P2P » 14 Mar 2017 22:47

First to support a social realm browseable (library and user profile)
Idea feedback for make Shareaza "Development Productive Again";

create theme structure for ::Browse User Tabs::
at the Browse User Tab, have the folowing option -click to load featured presentation of user files-;
on which would consist on have premade sets of structured content display to be customized by the user;
just like a custom profile picture, so the tab being populated on a simple software way by the given theme, the following contents::

Browse User Theme Header and Profile Image
a image to be displayed for this P2P network of user files; like Shareaza's Community;
Browse User Info
Text to present the enhanced file contents;
Theme Enhanced File Metadata
by the default theme structure features, and like mp3IDvTags; have this metadata feature displayed by importance;
meaning also to apply metadata to folders to create indexes; with descriptions to the presentation besides from each metadated files;
anything not made to be presented by the theme structure are set inside the same column availability, but override by each meta presented content as heightened line blocks;
so by preserving the simplicity of a software basis not html to fill the premade theme structure by the enhanced metadata; of course besides else than going full fancy about it;
Thoughtful Development Hints
way to share embeded to .zip .rar files by reading the comment structures customized for Shareaza
this way credits and metadata can be passed to the P2P network on which other users can have it presented at they own machines;
fully detailed information like About, System Requirements, and things alike;
theme files can be created and shared on which follow premade structure where importance are custom displayed
this way metadata are only text based by topic;
restricted file size for image could be written like dataURI at the .zip .rar comment to be displayed along the enhanced metadata;
of course, just like Skins can be download - so the Theme Structured(instructions);
theme files are simple color and font size information that like Skins are Software Focused
this way besides any custom images, just font and color information by the Metadata Topic Importance made by the Theme Structure;

ok, getting way into not productive at all where this id just a idea feedback; ok internet computer Shareaza to make it First ok....!!
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