Updating the Translations of the Website

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Updating the Translations of the Website

Postby zigozag » 07 Sep 2009 19:05

Since the loss of pantheraproject, the translations of the website are in dire need of a decent update. If there's nothing interesting on TV, here's how you can help:

Go to http://shareaza.sourceforge.net/upload and click on cancel when your browser asks for a login and a password. You'll see .po files corresponding to current translations and the main shareaza.pot template file. Grab shareaza.pot and the .po file you want to update, then keep a backup a copy of that .po file somewhere.

Fire up poedit and merge shareaza.pot with the .po file (Catalog > Update from pot file). You can start translating, but there's a catch: for some reason poedit may remove strings that were already translated and need to be kept. The workaround I found is to finish the translation first, then get another a file that is already up to date (fr.po should do), open both files in a text editor (I'd suggest Notepad2) and identify the strings that were mistakenly removed. Then you can either copy and paste them from the original .po file (that's why I suggest to keep a backup copy of it) or from the up-to-date .po file in another language then go back to poedit and translate them.

It's almost done: at this point you'll need to bother kevogod. Drop him a message to get an account on the upload page so that you can upload your file, see how it looks like on http://shareaza.sourceforge.net/testsite/ and when you think you're done with it, bother kevogod again so that the new translation can be pushed over the real site.

And of course If you have questions, this is the right place to ask.

Happy translating!
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