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Postby omega09 » 24 Oct 2009 19:09

RazaXML is a help tool for translating Shareaza's XML files.
It requires a JRE (JRE 6 or JDK 6) installed on your computer.
Please consult the short Readme file included, it should answer all your basic questions.

  1. Lunch: double clicking on the .jar file will open the GUI mode. To lunch from a command line type java -jar RazaXML.jar # where # can be set to 0 for command line mode or 1 for GUI mode (preferred).
  2. Load the most recent English file and follow the instructions. You can either start from scratch by loading the English file as the non-English file or load your incomplete language's file.
  3. Try to finish the structure corrections first. Note that the files are long so if nothing is found for many lines during the scan it may take awhile (~10-15 seconds) to notify about the next change.
  4. Translation mode can try to skip translated parts (useful in non-Latin languages). You can translate either through the text field or through the text area directly. Notice where your mouse is, text is focused when you hover over it and your keyboard input will be inserted there.
  5. Sometimes text areas\fields will not accept input, mostly when the program is not waiting for use input. In some OS (like WinXP) the background will become gray, however, if you use Aero or other overriding system looks you might not get this indication.
  6. There's an autosave every 5 minutes in your temporary folder.
  7. If the program is unresponsive or behaves strangely there's an auto-generated crash log file. Please send it to me or attach it here along with a description of what you did, screen-shot or other info.

This application is released under GNU GPL V3.

Updated translations should be posted in this forum. This thread is for the application only.
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