Translating the Connection Test for Shareaza

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Translating the Connection Test for Shareaza

Postby zigozag » 22 Jul 2009 14:42

Hi everybody,

I recently translated the Connection Test for Shareaza, and since it's easy to do and there are several lacking languages, I wanted to share my experience. To see the current version online you can click here.

So, grab the archive of the latest version from ... as explained in this forum post. Unzip it and go to the langs folder. There, open lang-en.php and pay attention to the notes for translators. All you have to do is to translate the strings within quotation marks with a UTF-8 capable text editor (I used out of laziness under Win9x and it was enough to keep the file's extension unchanged (.php instead of .odt)). Line lengths do not matter and there's not much text to translate, so feel free to take a look.

Once the work is done, you can simply send it to jlh so that he can put in online for a final verification before the translation gets included in the next release. His e-mail is available in the README file, and you may catch him on IRC too.
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