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New section suggestion

Postby dr-flay » 01 Nov 2016 13:08

This resurrected post viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1409 makes me think we could add another reason to visit here.

How about we start sharing links to services that distribute free media (preferably via p2p) ?

At 1 of the gamer sites I moderate, we have 2 threads for free graphics and free audio.
There we have a ruling that any post must also include a link to the licence or Terms and Conditions, when available.

My first example is the Web Archive, which most people use to fetch old web pages, but also distributes media and software.
View everything here
All downloads are available individually or as torrents, and audio is available in several formats.
Due to the huge size, it is grouped into sub-sections. The Net Labels section is where you will find the mirrors for many independent labels

1 Net Label I keep dipping into is GV Sound, which specialises in ambient, dark and cinematic artists.

All audio is free to download and distribute, but check individual albums for any restriction on use with a commercial project.

The Web Archive contains many movies which are now in the Public Domain, as well as cartoons, computer game videos, news archives, propaganda archives, and community projects.

I doubt we will find that many sites using p2p by default, but all the more reason for us to share those few we find in 1 useful place.
Shareaza tutorial aimed at gamers and game developers, or people needing a cheep mirror service.
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