Problematic GWebCaches

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Problematic GWebCaches

Postby ale5000 » 11 Jan 2016 00:46
It is clearly modified and it is completely empty; not sure if is just an error or it is on bad purpose.
There isn't any host, broken.
Fatal error, completely not working.
It doesn't have a dns, it is strange.
Also the gnutella2 part works while the gnutella part seems to be broken.
Broken or hacked, it return hosts with negative age.
It return urls but it doesn't accept the submission of them so it return forever already deleted urls (this is what cause GWCs to be queried also when deleted from a lot of time)

Please anyone that know the people hosting them, let them know the problems.
I'm here to help if needed.
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Re: Problematic GWebCaches

Postby ale5000 » 30 Apr 2016 18:08

Skulls 0.3.3 (or higher) works correctly on rhcloud (OpenShift).
After a lot of guesswork and testing I have finally been able to fix Skulls to works also on that host.

Anyone using it please update to get it working correctly.
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