Private chat does not work in most cases

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Private chat does not work in most cases

Postby Shareaza-user » 16 Apr 2017 12:47

When I try to open a private chat, in most cases it does not work. Where once it did work. In some cases it works.
I think all the settings in Sahreaza are correct.
Disabeling the firewall in my router and the Windows firewall does not make any difference.
I forwarded port 6346 and have a static IP-address. I use the 64-bit version of Shareaza.
Disabled uPnP in my router so it keeps on using port nr 6346. When enabled it opens a different port every time.
When I try to chat with myself (a few weeks ago this was no problem) as a test, I get following message:
[13:22:22] Private conversation granted, you are now chatting with TestChatFunction.
[13:22:22] The chat connection was lost.
[13:22:22] Connection closed
Does anyone know what causes this problem? And how can I solve this?
Also it looks like I cannot search the entire network. Files from users I know should be available I do not see in my search results.
I reïnstalled Sahreaza a few times. This did not help.
I am not very technical.
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Re: Private chat does not work in most cases

Postby ivan386 » 01 May 2017 09:42

Check that you set name in profile.
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