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Bootstrap Server

Postby kieranmullen » 06 Jun 2010 08:41

I had one setup years ago. Any clues how I can set one up again? I have some free servers.

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Re: Bootstrap Server

Postby old_death » 06 Jun 2010 16:33

For the Gnutella2 network?
You can either run a GWC, such as the beacon cache, or you can run Sharelin (an UNIX G2 client), which allows operation as an UKHL, which is a type of network bootstrap.

If you intend to run your server for a longer time with the type of bootstrap you choose, you can post the address here and it will be included into the next version of Shareaza.
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Re: Bootstrap Server

Postby wdc » 29 Apr 2018 08:51

In Shareaza, "Discovery services" page, i have only one server with type "Gnutella Bootstrap" and uhc: prefix in its address:

Isn't this wrong to have only one server? I searched and found only one page that mentions some more bootstrap servers with uhc:

Shareaza: Gnutella1 connection fix

1) Delete bad hosts:
a) Hit F8 to open the Host Cache
b) Click "G1 cache"
c) Highlight all hosts, right-click, and select "Remove"

2) Refill the hosts cache:
a) Hit F9 to open the Discovery Services window
b) Highlight all the entries labeled "Bootstrap," right-click, and select "Remove"
c) New "Bootstrap" entries will appear. Right-click them one by one and select "Query Now"
d) Repeat steps b and c if the host cache stays empty

3) If Shareaza only finds "empty" bootstrap services:
a) Right-click in the Discovery Services window and select "Add Service"
b) Add one (or all) of these (make sure to select Gnutella Bootstrap from the dropdown menu):
or pick one or more "uhc" URLs from*checkout*/shareaza/trunk/Data/DefaultServices.dat (Working link - ... rvices.dat)

or add one (or all) of these (make sure to select GWebCache from the dropdown menu):
c) Right-click the new entries and select "Query Now"

# U = BootStrap (uhc, ukhl, gnutella1 host, gnutella2 host)

On Discovery Services page i have bunch of other servers with type "G2 GWebCache" and a few with "G1 GWebCache", but the Bootstrap one is well ahead of others in "Accesses" count, so it seems to be necessary. Thank you
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