Skins & Add-ons
Shareaza is built to be as expandable as possible, which is why you can skin and install add-on's specifically created for Shareaza. Give Shareaza a brand new look while adding functionality to how Shareaza works.
Shareaza Skinning

Download Skins for Shareaza
Download and install Shareaza skins created by other Shareaza users.

Designing your own Shareaza Skin
We have included an online tutorial on how you can create your own Shareaza Skin. This includes directions on how you can get your skin out to the world.


TorrentWizard - Torrent Maker
TorrentWizard is a suite of easy, powerful, open-source BitTorrent tools. These tools not only work with traditional centralised torrents, but can also create a new generation of decentralised, cross-network swarmable trackerless torrents.
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Many people contribute their time and effort to Shareaza. Please see our acknowledgements page.
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