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TorrentWizard delivers ease when creating torrents with its straight forward step by step wizard. TorrentWizard creates trackerless torrents to take the strain off of trackers of popular BitTorrent content distribution sites.

TorrentWizard скриншот


TorrentWizard offers a suite of tools (although only one currently) that intend to extend the capabilities of .torrent files needed to download or upload on BitTorrent. All of the additions to the functionality of .torrents are tested and ensured to be backward-compatible to BitTorrent programs that don't plan to support or have support for the added features. This allows a person to seamlessly create .torrents using the Torrent Wizard so there only needs to be one .torrent distributed. There's nothing hampering other clients from utilizing the .torrents created.

TorrentWizard supports an extended version of the .torrent file that (while compatible), also stores SHA1s for each file. This means that applicationss like Shareaza can then use the SHA1 hash and other hash data to search for more sources on other P2P networks. This is especially useful for files on BitTorrent that don't receive as much popularity as others, and sources on other P2P networks can give a great boost in speeds.

Мы уже упоминали, что это Открытые Исходники?


We have put together a basic step-by-step guide to using TorrentWizard. In reality, you probably won't need to read it since the process is so easy, but we've cooked it up for your pleasure.

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